Sunday, November 20, 2011


Monday is my favorite time of year

I'm gonna tell you what I really think I like about Mondays
Cause they feel like Saturdays
When you don't gotta go to work
Every day is a holiday
I wake up when I want to
I do anything I wanna do
Can't wait for Tuesday

I really never liked Fridays (I don't)
I can't do what I wanna do (Like to)
Sold out at the movies (Go out)
Can't eat at the restaurants (Weekends)
Everybody want a good time
But the bar's full of cigarette smoke
I think I'll stay home
I think I'll wait for Monday

I live a 5 day weekend
I gotta year long holiday
Thank God it's Monday
The only place that I gotta go be
Is at the show or on the first tee
Thank God for irony
Nevermind the aggravation, modulation
Gimme another key

I'll tell you why I like Tuesdays (Wednesday)
Cause the're kinda like Christmas (New Years)
Come to think about Wednesdays (Thursday)
Are a little like Hanukkah (Every day is good)
Thursday's Thanksgiving
I'm talking about good living
I'll think I give thanks
Thank God it's monday


ahad bermaksud satu.
isnin pula bermaksud dua.
dua erti yang beda.

ada yang liat untuk bangkit.
ada yang menyampah nak join assembly.
ada yang rage against traffic jam.
ada yang berpekak telinga dihamun boss.

isnin lah ramai yang muka kelat.
isnin jugak la ramai yang naik darah.
isnin jugak la ramai yang terkena sawan.
isnin jugak la ramai yang diserang sakit.

bukan semudah yang disangka nak menempuh isnin.
terima kasih isnin.

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